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Grand Style - Plus Size Clothes, Information & Resources For The Size 14+ Woman

The following links lead to the Plus-Size Pregnancy Website, an excellent resource for plus and supersize women and their families. The information was researched and written by Kmom, a plus-size mom. She adds new information and updates frequently to the website.

We have provided these links to the Plus-Size Pregnancy Website as an information source for readers. These links are not provided as medical advice and the information gained from these links should not be viewed as a substitute for medical care.

Preparing For Pregnancy

Dieting and Pregnancy Should I diet before pregnancy? During pregnancy? What are the possible risks and benefits to losing weight before pregnancy?

Am I Healthy Enough For a Pregnancy? Will my weight or lack of physical conditioning impede labor and delivery or harm my baby? What can I do to ensure a healthier pregnancy?

Neural Tube Defects: Don't Panic A review of the 1996 JAMA research that linked obesity with increased rates of neural tube defects, plus reviews of newer research as well.

Fertility Concerns

Infertility and Obesity A link to an excellent website on infertility concerns, especially as it relates to plus-sized women. Email support groups available Highly recommended link!

Large Women and Adoption What if you want to adopt a child instead? Are large women discriminated against in adoption, too? Where can you find help and resources on adoption for people of size? BBW Adoption Stories found here.

Finding a Size-Friendly Provider Link to a list of size-friendly providers around the country. Questions to ask a Pregnancy Provider. Not specific to people of size, just general questions.

How To Treat a Pregnant Woman - Regardless of Her Body Size Eloquent essay by guest columnist Dawn Mantas about what size-friendly treatment really means. A must-read, and good for giving to your provider too!

Are You a Size-Friendly Midwife? Reprint of Kmom's article in Midwifery Today, Spring 2002. Good for midwives, doctors, and moms to read. Discusses the importance of size-friendly care, stories of egregious bias and mistreatment of big moms, subtle signs of size bias in even well-intentioned providers, and "Rules of the Road" for providing size-friendly care to women of size.

Important Issues Once You Are Pregnant

The Importance of Large Blood Pressure Cuffs It is vital that blood pressure readings are taken with large blood pressure cuffs in “overweight” people. Use of a too-small cuff can lead to a falsely high blood pressure reading, unneeded medication, and interventions that endanger your baby. This FAQ discusses how to know what cuff size to request, dealing with obstinate providers, guidelines for getting an accurate blood pressure reading, and resources to buy your own blood pressure cuff.

Figuring Your Due Date The traditional formula for figuring due dates are fine *unless* you are having your first baby or have cycles that are irregular or extra-long; this could lead to increased interventions before delivering. Be sure to understand pregnancy dating thoroughly!

Weight Gain in Pregnancy How much weight should large women expect to gain in pregnancy?

Prenatal Testing Issues

Prenatal Testing Basic information about common prenatal tests, plus special concerns larger women may have in taking ultrasounds, AFP tests, GD, or amniocentesis tests!

Dealing With Pregnancy Discomforts

Handling Nausea In Pregnancy Morning sickness is a common complaint among pregnant women, but it can have special ramifications for larger women if not handled carefully. These hints may help.

Pelvic Pain (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) Pubic pain, low back pain, sciatica, pain turning over in bed or while putting on clothes, etc. all are symptoms of SPD. Pubic pain may also be associated with a higher rate of baby malpositions or a more difficult birth.  Information about causes, precautions, and treatments. Very important information!

Plus-Size Maternity and Nursing Clothing FAQs

Plus_Size_Maternity_Clothing_FAQ Info on plus-sized maternity clothing in the United States. Editor's Note: A selection of plus size maternity clothing is available here at, from our "build a low cost wardrobe site" at and from

Plus_Size_Nursing-Bras_And_Clothing_FAQ Info on plus-sized nursing bras/clothing in the United States. Editor's Note: A selection of plus size nursing clothing, bras and lingerie is available here at and from

Plus_Size_Maternity_Related_Products_FAQ Info on maternity-related products like plus-sized nursing pillows/slings/baby carriers/breast pumps/specialty products in the United States.

Plus_Size_Maternity_Resources_Abroad Plus-sized resources for the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Possible Pregnancy Complications

Baby Malpositions: Implications for Birth Babies that are head-down but subtly malpositioned often cause long, hard labors, and many of these labors end in c-sections. Find out what position your baby should be in for birth, how you can encourage that position, signs that indicate a possible malpositioned baby, techniques for helping a baby resolve its position, etc. If you had an especially long and painful labor or if you had a cesarean because your 'baby was too big', 'your pelvis was too small' or because you had a hard time dilating all the way, be sure to read this important FAQ.

Gestational Diabetes Information

All About Gestational Diabetes What is gestational diabetes, who is at most risk, how is it tested, how is it treated, what are the risks, treatment controversies, practical tips for handling gd, risks for the future, etc. Multiple FAQs with extensive references and links available

Books, Links, and Support Groups

Pregnancy and Parenting Book Recommendations Good basic books on pregnancy and parenting that contain a minimum of fat-phobia and a maximum of good, sensible information (compiled from a survey of several parenting lists plus Kmom's personal favorites). Also includes a review of currently available books on plus-size pregnancy.

Support Groups for Large Women and Pregnancy Mailing lists for large women with concerns regarding infertility, pregnancy, or parenting.

Kmom's Favorite Links The best websites for childbirth and size-acceptance issues!

Coming Soon: The Risks of Plus-Size Pregnancy: A Summary, Supersized Pregnancy, PCOS: A Primer, Before You Conceive and a BBW Pregnancy Photo Gallery. For more details on these and other FAQs in development, click here.

All materials copyright 1996-2007 Kmom @Vireday.Com. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be reprinted, reproduced or sold, either by itself or as part of a larger work, without the express written permission of the author; this restriction covers all publication media, electrical, chemical, mechanical or other such as may arise over time.