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The links below lead to the Plus Size Pregnancy Website, an excellent resource for plus and supersize women and their families. The information was researched and written by Kmom, a plus size mom. She adds new information and updates frequently to the website.

We have provided these links to the Plus Size Pregnancy Website as an information source for readers. These links are not provided as medical advice and the information gained from these links should not be viewed as a substitute for medical care.

Kmom's Top Ten Hints for a Better Birth

Kmom's Top Ten Hints for a Better Birth Summary of Kmom's top hints of things to consider to have a better birth experience.

Important Issues Once You Are Pregnant

Facility and Equipment Concerns Will the hospital equipment fit me? What will I do for a hospital gown? Do I need special equipment for procedures like amniocentesis and epidurals? Will they need to adapt anything for my size?

Childbirth Education Choices Information about childbirth education choices. Includes Kmom's opinions on Lamaze classes, Bradley classes, Birth Works classes, and Hypnobirthing.

Cesareans and VBACs

C-Sections and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Cesareans (c-section) Why do large women have higher rates of c-sections? How can I lower my risk for a c-section? What is involved in a c-sections, especially for a larger woman? How can I minimize my risk for complications if a c-section becomes necessary? If I have a c-section, how can I make it the best possible birth experience? Extensive information about cesareans.

VBACs What are the risks/benefits of Elective Repeat C-Section vs. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean? If I have a c-section, how can I make it more birth-friendly? If I choose VBAC, how can I maximize my chances and get a more birth-friendly experience? What VBAC books should I read? Is VBAC after 2 or more cesareans possible? Extensive information about VBACs, and VBAC birth stories too.

BBW Birth Stories

BBW Birth Stories Index Stories of BBW births. Read about BBW Home births, Hospital births, VBACs, C-Sections, Twin, Triplets, and more! Read about normal births as well as some cautionary tales too. Also includes PCOS birth stories.

Breastfeeding FAQs

Nursing When Well-Endowed FAQ Hints for helping well-endowed women breastfeed more easily.

Breastfeeding After a Cesarean Studies show that breastfeeding rates are lower in cesarean moms, as many factors combine to discourage cesarean moms from breastfeeding. This FAQ examines these factors, analyzes the research, and summarizes ideas that may help women preserve breastfeeding despite cesarean challenges. Numerous stories from cesarean moms about their birthing experiences, too.

101 Reasons To Breastfeed Your Child If you are still in doubt about whether to breastfeed, this list quotes the major sources of breastfeeding information to show how breastfeeding has been shown to minimize many new baby and new mom issues.

After the Baby Is Born: Postpartum Issues

Emotional Recovery From a Cesarean When women experience a disappointing or traumatic birth, there are often major emotional recovery issues. This FAQ specifically addresses emotional recovery after a cesarean, but many of the ideas here would also apply to any disappointing or traumatic birth.

Baby Carriers for Big Moms There are many different types of baby carriers, and many of them are not very size-friendly. This FAQ explains the different types of baby carriers that can be used, evaluates their size-friendliness, and links to companies that sell them.

Coming Soon: Failed Anesthesia During Cesarean. For more details on this and other FAQs in development, click here.

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